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Notifications and complaints

It is very important for us to offer Japeto customers the possibility to communicate quickly and easily. We apologize for any dissatisfaction arising in the relationship with us, and reporting them gives us the opportunity to fix any problems and improve the services offered. It's easy to contact us. You can use any of the ways below: open a new ticket in person, at our workplace or registered office; in writing: Neagoe Basarab str. 36, Drajna de Sus village, Drajna commune, Prahova, CP 107194; by phone: 0734 954 336; on the Japeto website:

What should you consider?

To quickly resolve the complaint received, please send us: Your contact details: full name, no. invoice, chassis series and phone number; Description of your dissatisfaction; the relevant information including details regarding the product/service you are referring to, the names of those with whom you have discussed, etc.; Copies of the documents you consider relevant to your case, and which will not be returned. Always keep the originals. Complaints, notices whose initiators cannot be identified or whose expression is considered inappropriate will not be taken into account, being classified. Synchronization being important, please let us know your dissatisfaction as soon as possible to be able to reduce the time of reconstructing the event. Complaints can also be submitted by a third party acting on your behalf - a legal representative, provided that person has power of attorney.

What happens after filing a complaint?

1. Start the solving process - register your notification and you will receive a registration number. 2. We will investigate and: - treat complaints confidentially, in accordance with the law; - treat every problem with integrity and respect; - investigate the problem thoroughly and objectively; - let us know when we make a mistake and we will implement the necessary measures to remedy it as quickly as possible. 3. We will get back to you: - with the answer that will contain the result of the investigation, the official position of the company, its motivation and the actions to be taken; - if we reject a request or request, the refusal will be justified. We aim to respond to all our customers as soon as possible. However, if a complaint is very complex, we may need to extend the review period. In this case, we will inform you. At all times, we will communicate with you in a way that is easy to understand, clear and respectful. For complete information on the complaints handling process, please see the information below:

Complaints handling process